(BRASIL PÚBLICO) The Only Shade is Under the Highway

To mark the crucial presidential election in Brazil this weekend - PUBLIC presents a previously unseen series from the streets of the countries biggest and most important cities, Brasilia, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil struggles with extreme social inequality, environmental degradation, financial crises and a tumultuous political system. The general election in 2022 forms a critical moment in the countries history.

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Lula), former union leader and founder of the workers party (PT) was the first working-class president of Brasil. In 2017 he was controversially convicted on charges of corruption and sentenced to nine years in prison.

After being imprisoned for over a year the case brought against Lula was annulled after the Supreme Court found the judge to be biased and he was released from prison.

Once the most popular politician in Brazilian history Lula is now poised for one of the most remarkable come backs in modern political history.

This moment offers the perfect opportunity to examine the social fabric of this remarkable South American superpower through the physical reality of its urban spaces.



  • This is nice! Love the way they connect and disconnect, parkour flow!
    É Lula lá!

  • Beautiful imagery, really evocative and insightful. 😍

  • Gorgeous images and a poignant project, as always. Love the narrative you highlight in the pictures

  • Such an awesome Series! How you combined the first two images by simply organising them this way is mindblowing. Was really confused and thought it was one picture 🤯

  • I fk love these photographs and the story behind it! 🍀🍀

    Rowan Brugmans

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